Presentation registration deadline: Nov 14 (Wed), 2012

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Online Registration deadline (Participation): Nov 28 (Wed), 2012

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Fees should be paid in advance by postal transfer, or can be paid on-site.

Registration Fee

[Online Registration]

Regular:1,000 JPY
Student:500 JPY

(First-,Second- and Third-year students can participate free of charge)

[On-Site Registration]

Regular:1,500 JPY
Student:1,000 JPY

Banquet Fee

[Online Registration]

Regular:5,000 JPY
Student:3,500 JPY

[On-Site Registration]

Regular:6,000 JPY
Student:4,000 JPY

Date: Dec 8 (Sat), 2012 after Session End

Place: Restaurant La Boheme at the Faculty Club (1st floor)