The Best Student Presentation Award

1A1a  Fumiya Morishima

The spectroscopic study of estrogen and its hydrogen bonding abilities

2A1a  Dai Akase

Aqueous solvation of α-, β-, and γ-cyclodextrines: from first principles to classical force fields

Student Award

1C3b  Yunzi Xin

Blue LED Developed by Si-Quantum-Dot/Polymer Hybrid Material: High Current Density and Optical Power Density

1G2b  Jiang Ma

A laser trapping-spectroscopy study on mass transfer processes across a single micro-droplet/air interface

1G3b  Jun Yamashita

Generation of Vibrationally Excited S2(X3Σ-g and a1Δg) in the S(1D) + OCS Reaction

2B4b  Megumi Mishima

LFP study on Generation of Long-lived Singlet 1,2-Diaza-4,4-dialkoxycyclopentane-3,5-diyls

Eligibility: Student who presents paper

Judging criteria: Style, approach to the problem, ability to answer questions.

Judge: Voted by non-student audience

Announcement: After closing remark

Prize: Tosho-card(book coupon)

Sponsored by The Hiroshima Chemistry Alumni association