The Best Student Presentation Award

1A1a  Shunsuke Mieda

Comparison of ab initio MO, DFT and semi-empirical quantum chemical methods for computing biological molecules

1B1a  Shaoyu Wei

White-light-emitting silicon nanocrystal generated by pulsed laser ablation in supercritical fluid - Investigation of spectral components as a function of excitation wavelengths and aging time -

1E4b  Jianhuai Ye

Kinetic Stabilization of Singlet 2,2-Dialkoxycyclopentane-1,3-diyls

2A3b  Minoru Yoshimizu

Intramolecular Vibrational energy Redistribution(IVR) of CH stretching vibration of Benzene derivatives

Student Award

2A4b  Tatsuya Inoue

Symthesis of a Novel Tridentate Ligand System Bearing a Benzene Ring Condensed with Two Seven Membered Rings and Its Application

2B1b  Yuko Ueda

Self-assembly of extended π-conjugated molecules based on phenylisoxazoles

Eligibility: Student who presents paper

Judging criteria: Style, approach to the problem, ability to answer questions.

Judge: Voted by non-student audience

Announcement: After closing remark

Prize: Tosho-card(book coupon)

Sponsored by The Hiroshima Chemistry Alumni association