The Best Student Presentation Award

1A2a  Hiroyuki Higashikawa

Stabilization of Chiral Magnetic Structure by Chiral Crystal Structure

1B1a  Tomonori Yamada

Molecular structures in ground and excited vibrational states from quasi-classical direct ab initio MD

1C2b  Yusuke Kobayashi

Ion Core Structure in (CH3COCH3)n+ (n = 3 - 6) Studied by Photodissociation Spectroscopy

Eligibility: Student who presents paper

Judging criteria: Style, approach to the problem, ability to answer questions.

Judge: Voted by non-student audience

Announcement: After closing remark

Prize: Tosho-card(book coupon)

Sponsored by The Hiroshima Chemistry Alumni association

Student Award

1B2a  Masaki Atuchi

Structural change and spin-crossover switching triggered by adsorption and desorption of organic molecules for assembled iron complexes bridged by 1,3-bis(4-pyridyl)propane

1B3b  Eri Hirai

Cross-linking of [60]fullerene-tagged poly(phenylacetylene) by host-guest interaction of calix[5]arene and [60]fullerene

1D2b  Jun-ya Nakatuji

Synthesis and Structural Comparison of Boron Compaunds Bearing Various Tridentate Ligands

1D3b  Daisuke Urakami

Dielectric Properties for Metal Complexes with Dynamic Electrons

1D4b  Dai Akase

Distribution of H-bond patterns and enhancement of molecular dipole moment in water clusters.

1E2b  Shohei Inoshita

In situ fluorescence microscopic investigation into pH dependence of conformation and electrophoretic velocity of single DNA molecules

1E3b  Shuichi Sakata

IR spectra of five-membered heterocycles by means of quasi-classical direct ab initio MD

1F2b  Takuya Miyauchi

Asymmetric synthesis of multifunctionalized cyclopropanation with chemically modified cinchona alkaloids

1F3b  Ryoji Kusaka


1F4b  Shinji Watanabe

Rate Coefficients for Vibrational Relaxation of O2 Determined by the Integrated-Profiles Analysis

Prize: Tosho-card(book coupon)

Sponsored by Prof. Yoshifumi Tanimoto.