Student Award

  • Eligibility:Students who give a presentation
  • Judging criteria:Style, approach to the problem, ability to answer questions
  • Judge:Voted by non-student audience
  • Announcement:via Website
  • Prize:Certificate of Award + (We will notice in later)

Sponsored by the Chugoku Shikoku Branch, The Chemical Society of Japan and the Hiroshima chemistry alumni association.

Grand Prix

  • 2A4bAkane KATO
  • Steric effect by substituents on spin state of iron(II) assembled complexes using low symmetry bis(4-pyridyl)benzene derivatives

Student Award

  • 2B2bDmitry TSYURKO
  • Generation and propagation of acoustic waves in condensed matter

  • 2C1bAiri OGURI
  • Attempts to synthesize antiaromatic σ-dimer : Silyl group conversion of cobalt complex

  • 3B1aShin-nosuke KINOSHITA
  • Experimental and theoretical study on the nonradiative decay process of cinnamates aimed for the development of effective sunscreen reagents

Presentation Award

  • 1C2bAzamat ISHEMGULOV
  • Inactivation of bacteria with shock acoustic waves generated by thermal sensitizers

  • 3B2bSergey PENKOV
  • Spin-dependent quenching of triplet excitons by doublet centers in a nanoparticle