8-9 Dec, 2023


 The 20th Nano Bio Info Chemistry Symposium will be held at the Reception Hall, Hiroshima University Faculty Club, December 8th Fri - 9th Sat, 2023.
 The first meeting was held in November 2004, and since then it has been held once a year. Since the 5th symposium, presentations have been given in English and the conference has been conducted as an international conference. A wide range of research fields, from chemistry to physics and biology (physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, nanomaterials, nanophysical properties, biotechnology, information science, …) have been discussed during the first 19th symposium. In 2023, the symposium will be organized with the WPI "Sustainability with Knotted Chiral Meta Matter" (SKCM2) of the Hiroshima University. Researchers, graduate students and undergraduates in the nano-, bio- and info-interdisciplinary fields are cordially invited to participate.
 In addition, this symposium will be held in association with the WPI-SKCM2 Winter School. The Winter School will be held after symposium, from 11th. Dec to 12nd Jan. 2024. We recommed to attend this, too.

Invited Lecture

Ivan I. Smalyukh     ~Director of SKCM2, WPI Hiroshima University


Smalyukh’s research spans from liquid crystals, to magnets, colloids, metamaterials, bacterial biofilms, knot topology, chirality, photonics, renewable energy, and new characterization techniques. He experimentally discovered liquid crystal hopfions and helikonotons and new condensed matter phases like monoclinic nematics and biaxial colloidal ferromagnets. Smalyukh developed materials for unusual thermoelectrics and waste heat recovery and transparent aerogels to boost efficiency of building envelopes.
Research Field
Topological solitons, knotted matter,predesigned building blocks of matter
Soft Matter Physics Smalyukh Research Group

SKCM2, WPI Hiroshima University
Prof. Smalyukh is a world-leading physicist in developing artificial forms of matter not encountered in nature. His fundamental research aims to address challenging problems like the growing energy demand. He published over 250 peer-refereed articles, including many in Nature and Science. He received many awards, including the Bessel, NASA iTech and Glenn Brown Awards, the Career Award of International Liquid Crystal and American Physical Societies, and the Presidential Early Career Award from the Office of Science and Technology of the U.S. White House. He is an elected fellow of the American Physical Society. The slogan “building a sustainable world, knot by knot” embodies our vision to conduct highly fundamental interdisciplinary research on knotted chiral matter that not only expands the bulk of scientific knowledge but also contributes to achieving a sustainable future. The SKCM2, WPI Hiroshima University is on a mission to develop artificial analogs of nature’s building blocks and materials to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and overcome limitations of natural systems. While pursuing this research, we also create a testbed for research-based graduate education reforms in Japan and beyond, connecting young talent globally.

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