Student Award

  • Eligibility:Student who presents paper
  • Judging criteria:Style, approach to the problem, ability to answer questions
  • Judge:Voted by non-student audience
  • Announcement:After closing remark
  • Prize:Tosho-card (book coupon)

Sponsored by The Hiroshima Chemistry Alumni association.

The Best Presentation Student Award

  • 1A1aFumiya Morishima
  • 18-crown-6¬∑¬∑¬∑benzenediol complex: changing of the S1 lifetime accompanied by structural modification

  • 1A2bJing Wang
  • Getting insight into the role of the active site C113 of Pin1 by mutagenesis and NMR analysis

  • 1C3bKouhei Nadamoto
  • Supramolecular polymer based on tetrakisporphyrin and its structural reorganization by host-guest complexation

Best Student Award

  • 1D3bShogo Morisako
  • Attempts at Regioselective Deprotonations with Organometallic Derivatives of Newly Prepared 2,6-Bis(cyclohexyl)piperidine

  • 1E2bFang Xaio
  • A study on the condensation growth processes of single aerosol droplets by means of a laser trapping

  • 1E3bMasataka Sumida
  • The multichannel photodissociation dynamics of nitromethane studied by the state-resolved ion imaging